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Integrated Financial Excellence for the Driven.

We provide integrated tax compliance + advisory and outsourced CFO + accounting services to individuals, companies, and family offices.

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The Power of Interconnected
Financial Solutions

Our team of specialists offer personal and business tax compliance and advisory, outsourced CFO, and business accounting all under one roof. By working across personal and business finances, we provide high net worth individuals, companies, and family offices with a holistic approach to financial management. Enhance your financial success with our integrated services or individual service options.

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Our Services

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Expert guidance and attention to detail to ensure compliance and planning for high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs in managing financial wealth.

Personal Tax

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Financial expertise, guidance and decision-making of an in-house CFO, without the expense of a full time C-Suite employee. 

Outsourced CFO

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Navigate constantly changing tax laws and regulations, from filing to planning with a focus on growing your business and staying compliant.

Commercial Tax

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Accounting services are tailored to your company's needs to help you scale effectively and efficiently, while following best practices and industry standards.

Business Accounting


Featured Clients

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Our Mission

In the pursuit of financial excellence,
A growth minded entrepreneur seeks the absolute best partners,
Like-minded individuals that draw from a wellspring of
To take a proactive role that ensures mastery of efficiencies and performance.
It’s challenging.
It often requires trial and error,
And an
ungodly amount of trust.
But beyond this, it demands an understanding that when it comes to our clients, business and personal is one and the same.
For a high growth individual with a high growth company,
work and life are interconnected.
It’s the union of these two worlds that demands a financial firm operate at the intersection of personal and business tax, accounting and outsourced CFO.
At Integrus, we know the union of these worlds better than any other financial services firm.
That’s why we offer individual tax and business services, with
best-in-class accounting and CFO services for all stages of a person’s and a company's growth cycle,
To provide a
one-stop-shop that unifies all aspects of work and life.
Because the fewer calls a founder has to make, the more relationships they can consolidate,
The more they can grow and achieve.
Bound by nothing, there is Integrus.

Integrated Financial Excellence™️.

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